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Cooper: Then I understood you to say just now, in response to a question by Mr. Robertson of Virginia, that some of the State laws are inadequate and the Federal law is inadequate to meet the problem. Woodward: Yes, sir.

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The current record discovered in May was the 114-year-old stuff inside Hibs champagne bucket. AS a huge fan of the legendary Bruce Forsyth I insist the first time he guest-hosted Have I Got News For You remains the finest half-hour in the history of British television I was devastated to read his wife saying the 88-year-old is a bit frail after surgery. But its not all bad news for his missus. She also revealed hes no longer fit enough to tap dance at home. WELL of course Sir David Attenborough was only joking when he said Donald Trump should be shot. As if the legendary TV presenter would even THINK about endangering the lives of the 3,000 seabirds nesting in his hair.

Other controversies resulted from disagreements over who was included in the award, the 1952 prize to Selman Waksman was litigated in court, and half the patent rights awarded to his co-discoverer Albert Schatz who was not recognized by the prize. The 1962 prize awarded to James D, since the Nobel Prize rules forbid nominations of the deceased, longevity is an asset, one prize being awarded as long as 50 years after the discovery. Alfred Nobel was born on 21 October 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden into a family of engineers and he was a chemist, engineer and inventor who amassed a fortune during his lifetime, most of it from his 355 inventions of which dynamite is the most famous.]